Projection Mapping Examples

Architectural Projection:

MCA for Vivid by TDC-Technical Direction Company: 

The 600 Years by Tomato Production:

Set Design:

Concerts: Amon Tobin’s ISAM set produced by Alex Lazarus

Theatre: Beats Antique (Great Projection Mapping)

Dance: Rob Tannion with Klaus Obermeir

Music Video: Pamplamouse

Film: Bot & Dolly


Projecting onto Objects:

FoamCore: (Works well with Keystone Library for Processing if facets are quadrilateral):


Trees: Tony Oursler:

Face: Oskar & Gaspar:


Other applications:

Story Telling: The Theory

Advertising/Merchandising: Faberge

Activism: Marc Read

Halloween Fun:


More Examples:

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