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This is an undergrad elective course offered at Ryerson University. In it we learn to design, build and code interactive installations. This is done by looking at existing works, and also through hands-on development of projects.

Have a look around. The syllabus is up to the right. Class content including many student projects will be posted below.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Interactive Spaces”

  1. The goal of my project is to create an experiential piece with a strong focus on unparalleled immersion. I aim to achieve this through restructuring of our notions of projecting mapping and physical perspective. Instead of placing a set of surfaces in front of the viewer and directing the projection onto it, I intend to place the viewer between a set of surfaces, and surrounding the content around the viewer.

    3 large projection surfaces will be used to surround the viewer. They will be arranged into such a way as to resemble a spaceship cockpit. The highly geometric shape of the installation is also inspired by star war films, and the way cockpits are depicted in those films. By redefining the spatial relation between the viewer and the projection surfaces, I aim to draw the viewer into the content similar to #MetMirage’s immersive projection experience (reference 1). Conceptually my project aims deliver a similar experience to this installation, in that it will cover a substantial portion of the viewer’s field of view; and enhancing immersion through scale.

    The actual content being projected onto the cockpit will be a 3d wireframe depiction of a dogfight. Given resource constraints, the content will likely be produced in after effects and non-interactive, although this could be iterated on if circumstances allowed it. The aesthetics will be reminiscent of early mainframe games (reference 2), paying tribute to gaming history.

    Reference 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM14MP2rwxU
    Reference 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5_MXGkLvpI

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